Thursday, November 23, 2006

TV journal assignment # 4

In this assignment, I chose to personify the character of Catherine Willows.

A woman (Mrs. Stern) was found dead in a hotel suite with symptoms similar to the Ebola virus and I have been assigned with Nick on this case. After I had investigated the suite, I went to see what the coroner had learned about the victim. He told me she had 42 laser burns on her skin due to an esthetic cure. And later, another woman was found and I realized they both have the same kind of mark on the nails. After some research I found that their red blood cells have not separated from the serum because they have lysed. After looking at their medical files I noticed they both went through a hydrogen peroxide treatment normally inoffensive, but in too high concentration, it can cause cell explosion. I concluded that Dr. Malaga was responsible for the death of the victims because the concentration of the peroxide he injected was 10 times the 3% normal dose.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

C.S.I “Down the Drain” episode 502

In this episode, a corpse was discovered stuck on the grating of a storm drain. While the C.S.I. crew was investigating the sewers to find where it came from, some sewer technicians told them they found some bones while they were cleaning some pipes. Since they were coming from another body they filtered the pipes from the neighborhood and found the remaining bones.

Later on, the first victim’s case was explained when the inspectors found what belonged to him: some aqua socks, a sun screen tube, an identity card in a helmet and an inner tube. They concluded that he died while he was riding down the storm drain on his tube.

When the police were securing the area around the manhole where the bigger bones were found, a neighbor was complaining about his neighbor who was using some illegal explosives. While they were investigating the house they found some blood from a possible fight because they found knife marks on two ribs from the rest of the corpse. A tooth from a child who was missing it was used to identify the corpse. The kid was accused of murder, the mom was accused of being an accessory, and the dad had felony explosives. At the end someone said ‘’It’s a family value pack.’’

Thursday, September 07, 2006

C.S.I. '' Viva Las Vegas '' episode 501

C.S.I. Crime scene investigation was a television program about crime scene investigation. The story takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. I chose this series because it seemed interesting. I think I am going to improve my English skills so I can understand more easily TV news and newspapers.
The characters of the series are Gil Grissom the supervisor of the unit and he is about 50 years old, Catherine Willows is a blood specialist and she is 40 years old, Warrick Brown is the specialist of audio visual, and he is about 35 years old, Nick Stokes is the hair and fiber analysis specialist and he is about 35 years old and Sara Sidle is the specialist of materials and element analysis and she is about 35 years old. The major conflict of the story involves 5 murders around the Las Vegas area.